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EUREKA Flexi Vibration Med Frequency Tools 50-400HZ EVIB-FLEXI

  • Designed to reduce vibration transmission for slow to medium rotating tools (50 - 400 Hertz or 3000 - 24000 RPM).
  • Suitable for reducing hand and arm vibration damage associated with continued exposure to vibrating equipment.
  • Protection from long term effects of nerve damage by exposure to tools such as Chain Saws, Impactors, Tractor & Bob Cat operation, Lawn mowers, Hedgers, Blowers & Trimmers.
  • Unique Supra Block vibration foam in Palm & base of Fingers, covered in micro-fibre with Silicon Grip material.
  • Removable fingers for increased control.
  • Tested according to ISO 10819:2013 TRM = 0.71, TRH = 0.53.
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